Transaction Module is a reliable machine used for automatic grouping of transactional documents. Created in a technology which allows to configure the device according to needs and requirements of customers the Transaction Module is ideally suited for connecting with different envelope machines like BUHRS, CMC BELL&HOWEL, MWT. The usage of OMR, BCR, 2D codes increases the functionality of work of the whole system which enables operating of a wide range of customer’s applications such as for example selective adding of flyers from proper feeders connected with selective adding of envelopes to the chosen document packages.

The Transaction Module is made for customers who appreciate the accuracy, flexibility of the system as well as quality of work and service at the highest level.

Cut sheet feeder formats (A3, A4)

Autoloader / automatic sheet feeder A3, A4 - 1500 pages

Vacuum feeding (speed A4 - 50K / h)

Accumulator of paper formats A3, A4

Folding module (folding) A4 format folding to C, Z, 1/2 - 8 sheets

C4 format without folding - 15 sheets

Output module for the envelope

Control panel - colored, touchpad

Code readers: 2D data matrix / Barcode / OMR / OCR numeric.

Option – using roll paper format